FAQ - frequently asked questions

What happens when my flight or train is delayed ?

Our chauffeurs will always be there : if your flight or train is delayed, we wait for you free of additional charge ( 1 hour max.).

How can I pay ?

Credit card machine are available in each and every one of our cars, allowing you to pay the day of your ride by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). You may also use cheque or cash.

For Airport and station rendez-vous, you will have to pay before your travel with credit card .

How about my kids ?

Safety and comfort are very important to us at Paris Navettes. That is why we can provide you with baby seats free of charge : please ask for it when booking.  

How many suitcases can I carry ?

We do not charge additionnal cost for suitcases. Please let us know how many suitcases you want to carry when booking, so we can use the suitable car to fit your needs.